That Wanaka Tree – Square

That Wanaka Tree – Square


‘That Wanaka Tree’… This stunning tree stands alone in Lake Wanaka, backdropped by the beautiful Southern Alps.

This majestic lake is made all the more beautiful by the solitary tree that stands alone a short distance from the shoreline. This image was taken at Christmas while my family and I were spending a few days in Wanaka. I was keen to capture this image as the first light of the day started to glow above the horizon (as were many other photographers). I arrived at the lake about half an hour before sunrise to discover that the Wanaka Tree was covered in Christmas lights. It was quite a sight, but at the same time, quite disappointing. As attractive as the lights were, they didn’t feature in the image I had previsualised of this scene. Thankfully, they shut off just as the sky began to fill with colour and I was able to create this and a number of other images of this incredible vista.

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Fine Art Print (supplied ready for framing), Canvas Print (supplied ready to hang), Boxed Canvas – BLACK FRAME (supplied ready to hang), Boxed Canvas – WHITE FRAME (supplied ready to hang), Boxed Canvas – OAK FRAME (supplied ready to hang), Chromaluxe Metal Print (supplied ready to hang)

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16×16 (41x41cm), 20×20 (51x51cm), 24×24 (61x61cm), 30×30 (76x76cm), 40×40 (102x102cm)


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